Sony BDP-S780 3D - odtwarzacz Blu-ray z wbudowanym komunikatorem Skype

2011-04-06 14:07:31, Mariusz Koryszewski
Odtwarzacz Blu-ray 3D Sony BDP-S780 trafił na półki sklepowe w Wielkiej Brytanii. To najwyższy model w nowej linii japońskiego koncernu na 2011 rok. Niższe modele to BDP-S380, BDP-S480 i BDP-S580.
Sony BDP-S780 Blu-raySony BDP-S780 Blu-ray

Sony BDP-S780 - najważniejsze funkcje

Sony BDP-S780 wyświetla obraz Full HD 3D z płyt Blu-ray oraz potrafi konwertować obraz z 2D do 3D. Ponadto posiada wbudowane łącze Wi-Fi oraz komunikator Skype. Zawiera też oraz specjalną technologię Advanced IP Content Noise Reduction Pro, która służy do polepszania jakości obrazu w przypadku materiałów filmowych z internetu, zapisanych w niskiej rozdzielczości.

Skype w odtwarzaczu Blu-ray

Cieszy mnie zwłaszcza wbudowana w odtwarzacz funkcja Skype. Żeby móc rozmwawiać za pomoca telewizora wystarczy podpiąć kamerkę internetową. Ciekawe, kiedy ten odtwarzacz Blu-ray Sony’ego trafi do polskich sklepów.

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  • Wielebny 
  • 23-02-2012 19:17
kamerka do tego blu-ray'a to model Sony CMU-BR100 i tylko ta kamerka bedzie współpracowała z blue-ray'em, ma on też wbudowany procesor x-reality pro który podnosi jakość ogladanych filmów do jakosci bliskiej hd. Co wazne odtwarzacz czyta mkv i rmvb ale tylko z pamieci przenosnej USB, przez DLNA juz nie.
  • nick... 
  • 29-09-2013 21:09
Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program () Hard to beeilve, but it was just a few years- 2006, actually- ago that Blu-Ray players cost $500 or more for even the most basic units. Now you can get a fully-functioned unit with WiFi, Internet connectivity, and players for Netflix and other services that didn't even exist in 2006 for a fraction of the cost. So how good a player do you get for under $150?Pretty good, actually. I've never used a really high end player (you can spend well over a thousand dollars for a high end unit) but I can't image the images they produce are significantly better than those I get from this box. I started my evaluation by putting the manual aside and plugging the player into the wall and my LG TV. I turned it on with the remote, and the on-screen instructions led me painlessly through the setup procedure and software update. I tried a few discs, which played with no problem, and then turned my attention to configuring Netflix. This went even more smoothly than the Netflix setup on my LG TV, although there was one odd glitch. When I entered my Netflix id and password, I got an ID or password not recognized message, and then the player connected to Netflix without further problems. Curiously, I had exactly the same error message with my LG TV. Other than that I had no problems with that function. The user interface once you launch Netflix is very good- better than that in my LG TV, I think. It scrolls more smoothly and more quickly than the TV set based player.The up-scaling feature that reprocesses ordinary DVDs to full 1080p doesn't appear to deliver significantly more resolution with the ordinary DVDs I've tried, compared to my old Philips player. I tried both older movies originally shot on film as well as brand-new videos of current TV series, but neither showed that much improvement on my 1080p set. The various Internet streaming functions, like YouTube and Hulu worked without a glitch. One curious omission from both this unit and my TV is a player for Amazon Prime videos. Amazon has a full writeup on their site on how to input code numbers from LG equipment to enable Amazon Prime video playing, but it doesn't appear to be supported on those units I've looked at. Some reviews say that previous models of this player did have Prime support. I checked an FAQ at LG's web site and read that Prime support may possibly be made available on a future update but there is no timetable to do so. Pity.Other than those few quirks, I didn't have any problems with this player. The BP620 may not have all the functions I'd like, but it's still a very good deal in a basic Blu-Ray player, and includes a lot more functionality than even top line DVD players of just a few years ago. I'd say it's a good choice for anyone looking for a not-too-expensive entry into Blu-Ray technology, or a good all-around DVD player with Netflix streaming.
  • nick... 
  • 03-11-2013 19:30
everyone's entitled to feel how they feel... to let go at their own time, in their own pace. on how we chosoe to handle/face the pain.if its in writing that she finds 'comfort' somehow, then so be it. and maybe we all just wish her well - encourage her to wake up from the nightmare, to stop being bitter (so as not to be labeled as one) and really move on. sweet as it is and intentions maybe good, still she's the one who's gonna have the last say. if she chosoes this path to get it over with then we just have to respect that.just my buck and a dime. chill! :)
  • nick... 
  • 26-01-2014 08:23
At the time of this review I have the laetst firmware (version BD7.341.00).The BP620 is LG's 2012 blu-ray player model that replaces the LG BD670 from the 2011 lineup. The new 2012 BP620 model comes in at the same physical size as last years. I personally like the build quality of the player compared to the 2012 Sony BDP-S390 model, which while smaller feels very cheap.The user interface is virtually identical to last year's model. At times last year's BD670 model suffered from delay reaction to the remote control. This is not the case with this year's model. The exception to this is during the first 20 seconds of the player booting up (turning on).In terms of blu-ray playback quality, it is up to par compared to all sub-$180 players on the market today. The disc load times have improved on the model compared to last year's LG BD670. DVD up-scaling to 1080p is well done on the BP620 too. One feature missing across all video playback formats is the zoom feature. While I never really took advantage of zooming in on my video, I know of some people who will miss it.The included remote control is almost exactly the same as the model included with last year's BD670. The big difference is the lack of the marker, search and zoom buttons neat the bottom. These three buttons have been replaced with a music id button to have the player access GraceNote for disc info and a dedicated Audio button to switch audio tracks. This was a button last year's model did not have. Before you had to hit the Info button and scroll down to audio and then toggle to the desired track. A dedicated subtitle button has also been added to the remote.Compared to the 2012 Sony blu-ray players, this LG streams a lot of video file formats from my local network: AVI, DIVX, XVID, MKV, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 & more. The Sony BDP-390 would not see or play any of my video files. This LG sees and plays them all. The one thing I miss is the search function that the LG LD670 had. It made fast forwarding though a long video much quicker to skip ahead. The BP620 would not see my home Seagate NAS as the BD670 did unless I turned on the DLNA Media Server function of my NAS. Not really an issue. Just worth mentioning. When fast forwarding or rewinding video was much smoother than when doing so on the BD670. Also, if you stop playing a video file then go back to playing the same file again it starts all over instead of picking up where it left off like on the BD670.The BP620 features only a 2.4Ghz wireless radio card. This year's model lacks the 5Ghz wireless radio which I liked on the BD670.In terms of steaming services, at this time there are a few less available than the 2011 BD670 model. Some people have written in reviews of Netflix issues. I have not experienced any to date. As of 3/14/12, the BP620 has: Netflix, vudu, hulu PLUS, Pandora, CinemaNow, AccuWeather, AP, vTuner, YouTube, Picasa Web Albums & viewstar.Lastly I will say that the unit runs fairly warm. There is no fan in the rear or ventilation in the rear. I opened the unit up to find a very low end heat sink on the main board.** UPDATE **Sony has released firmware version M11.R.0211 for the BDP-S390 and while it is not listed in the updated items in the release notes from Sony, this firmware seems to have corrected the issue mentioned eariler in my review about the Sony 2012 units not seeing video files (MKV, AVI, XVID, etc) from my DLNA Certified NAS.
  • nick... 
  • 12-11-2013 13:52
I often get discouraged in my jorneuy, which is kinda funny considering that I spend a lot of my time running around encouraging others to the best of my ability Creating is pretty much all I have ever known, I was creating before I was writing and I was writing before I was drawing I can't actually stop writing, I've tried, doesn't work thus the jorneuy is one of many trails and tribulations both inward and outward, it is one that will bring rewards (maybe not the rewards I personally desire, but rewards in character building in friendships, in growth as me as a person) sometimes blessings come to us in ways we don't understand, and writing to me is that. Often, I never understand how it is going to turn out but its a jolly darn good full time job (with all the stresses of a job) if ever there was one! And I wouldn't ever trade it for the world, and I would always encourage anyone with even a hint of a hope of loving it to experience the same joys I get from knowing a world of creativity beyond a doorway of the minds eye So you're awesome, as usual, writing awesome blogs XD
  • nick... 
  • 15-11-2013 18:12
I know things are dnrfefeit in Texas, but they let you drive at six there? Woah.Anyhow, glad KayTar is "ok", glad prof understood, glad you could reschedule as sucky as the timing is and you will totally kick ass at the interview. Just check teeth for spinach prior to the photographers snapping your serious, yet sexy, snaps for posterity.
  • ok 
  • 08-11-2011 20:44
mam ten model i jest bardzo dobry czyta nawet dysk 2tb i ma dobre wi fi lepsze od mojego leda sony kdl46 cali ale nie wiem jakom mam kupić kamerkę bo kupiłem hd creatiw i nie działa ale działa zwykła kamerka
  • mkoryszewski 
  • 07-04-2011 15:18
Witam. Oczywiście Blu-ray nie ma w sobie kamerki. Trzeba podpiąc kamere internetową przez USB do odtwrazacza Blu-ray.
  • jotgie 
  • 06-04-2011 21:46
Skromne informacje. Skoro jest na rynku angielskim to chyba można było napisać o nim nieco więcej (chociażby na pytanie przedmówcy)?! Ten artykuł to nawet nie zasługuje do miana "suchej informacji"! Dodam, że na Amazonie kosztuje 250$ więc stosunkowo tanio (u nas pewno nie mniej jak tysiączek!).
  • nick... 
  • 06-04-2011 16:21
Hmm to jak to działa? Ma jakąś kamerkę, mikrofon?
  • nick... 
  • 14-03-2012 05:33
they only have enough on-board satroge to hold 2 Apps, humm. Luckily for me I prefer Pandora to Utube so that's a non-issue for me. Shoot, you even have to add your own USB thumb drive just to download the BD Live extras on BluRay Discs. I asked about adding additional downloadable Apps to my USB Drive, not possible at the moment. It's hard to believe these new light weight Pioneer Blu-Ray's command such a high retail price given they are built by Sharp in China, lack Apps, and offer no board flash satroge. Lucky for Pioneer they have an Ace up there sleeve, its called iControlAV2. This is free downloadable App that allows you to control the Pioneer VSX-1021K Receiver and BDP-430 Blu-Ray player on you iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. However the special iPad expanded version of iControlAV2 hits the real home run, you have to see this App in action to really grasp the coolness. Everyone who has laid hands on my iPad2 has been blown away by how slick the interface is. Read my review of the VSX-1021K for more details on how it all works together. Buyer beware for iPad owners, don't get sucked into buying the discounted 2010 Pioneer products, the iControlAV2 app only works on select 2011 Pioneer components. As far as the BDP-430 goes, iControlAV2 gives you all the standard DVD/BD disc controls plus the ability to pick movies on Netflix and music on Pandora. Even if Pioneer never releases additional applications, these two services alone should keep you entertained for years. Once again, you really have to see these Apps to get these Apps! Highly recommended. I noticed the Netflix App worked a bit smoother when you rewind a movie once I plugged in a 8GB USB drive. Maybe the USB drive acts as a buffer satroge or frees up some resources. Now satisfied with the Netflix performance I moved my Apple TV to the bedroom. The Apple TV has an 8GB on-board buffer and slicker looking onscreen display, but no noticeable difference in picture quality once the movie begins. Its nice that you can also enter the onscreen menu to setup the BDP-430 to your system using the iPad. Unfortunately the setup menu for the 1021K receiver is not accessible from the iPad, gasp, imagine having to locate that stock multi-thousand button 90 s style remote to setup your flagship not cool man. Hopefully Pioneer will be proactive with their new found talent and keeping offering progressive software upgrades for their new hip components. Welcome to the 21st Century Pioneer. Solid 5 Star Rating for the Pioneer BDP-430 & VSK-1021K with iPad iControlAV2. 4.5 Star with iPhone & iPod touch control. Falling stars if one gets stuck using only the meteorite stock remote controls. Shooting stars if I have to handle those remotes.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0
  • nick... 
  • 02-01-2013 19:14
lol well i wasnt going to make these vids and instead just a short surmmay but man there was soooo many ppl bashing the ipad without hearing some points, so i thought let me just put some points in the air, both pros and cons, just to ADD A DIFFERENT VIEW ON THINGS. im not justifying the ipad to be a fantastic device, but just adding another view on things, and your completely entitled to have your view ! the ipad is not perfect, and i may be getting slightly ripped of with this first gen lol
  • nick... 
  • 24-01-2014 13:22
An innteligelt answer - no BS - which makes a pleasant change


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